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I was generous on the interests so I don't have to talk about myself here. Some of you in the Halo community might recognize me, and most in the horror one will. In which case you already know more than most.

If you're intelligent, polite, and at least marginally interesting you're welcome here. If you can't behave yourselves and bring needless dramatics, you'll find just how short my patience can be.

I should put something here, shouldn't I...? Alright, fine. I'm a southern boy, got out as soon as I could and took to the big cities. Fear was my first lover, though as far as humans go I have no preference. That should tip you off to the one phobia I will not tolerate.

I have been generous up till now. I can be cruel. If you want more, read the damn journal.

***A character journal for Jonathan Crane***
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